6 Quick & Easy Crochet Gifts

So you’ve decided that you love to crochet, or maybe you just started and want to get in some practice. It’s getting close to that holiday season so now is the perfect time to practice your new talent and whip up some gifts for friends and family this season. I’m telling you this now so you can get to work on these 6 quick and easy crochet gifts.

Maybe you love being able to give gifts to your friends and family, but are struggling with what to gift or finding the funds to purchase said gifts. This list can also work for you, if you’re a crocheter!

Ear Warmers

It’s gifting season, but it’s also getting to that time of year when our earns need a good warming up! Grab your cup of cocoa and get to work. This simple project shouldn’t take you very long at all! Looking for a simple pattern? Check out our friends at Rescued Paw Designs.

Easy Crochet Gift for Kids - Candy Corn Bow

Hair Bows & Bow Ties for the Littles

My girls love hair bows in all shapes and sizes, and I’m telling you, these are SOOO quick and easy to make. I could probably put 15 of these out in an hour, and that includes weaving all the ends and attaching them to their clips or nylon headbands! For a SUPER simple pattern, check out my post on The Olivia Bow. This pattern can also be applied to quick bow ties; just change up the colors to fit their favorites!

Quick & Easy Crochet Potholder Gift

Pot Holders

If you follow me on my Facebook Page or Instagram, you probably saw these potholders recently. The puff stitch on these makes for a nice and thick potholder perfect for keeping hands and countertops safe from hot pots and pans! The puff stitch does take a little bit of time, but you could definitely whip out a few of these in a day!

Dish Scrubbies and/or Dish Cloths

As long as your gift-receivers won’t be offended or think you’re trying to tell them something by giving this gift, I’ve heard it’s a pretty popular one to give, and again, super simple to make. We’re trying to make things easy on you here! Here’s a great free pattern for dish scrubbies and take your pick from this list of dish cloth crochet patterns.

Fingerless Gloves

I asked around about this one, but turns out, it’s a widely “wanted” gift when it comes to handmade items. People have a lot of hats and scarves at this point, but who doesn’t want fingerless gloves! Unless you can figure out how to make those heat sensitive ones that work with your phone, I’d say this is your best bet. See our friends over at Dabbles & Babbles for a free pattern!

Crochet Stuffed Animals as Gifts

Stuffed Animals

Although maybe not the EASIEST of projects, this one holds a special place in my heart. People love gifting these to their kids, and so why shouldn’t you! Make up a special one for that special little kid in your life, or shoot, if your sister really loves penguins and Uncle David really loves monkeys, whose to say you can’t gift those! There are a lot of free patterns available all over the interwebs for whatever animal you’re looking to tackle.

Bonus: If you’re a super quick crocheter and have lots of time on your hands between now and gifting time, OR you want a very special idea for a future gift-giving opportunity, like a baby shower or birthday, afghans are ALL the rage. People love receiving handmade blankets. They are a lot of work, so make sure to give yourself time for those.

Ready, set, GO! The holidays are approaching quickly. Get started on these 6 quick and easy crochet gifts!

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