Every March, some celebrate Johnny Appleseed Day. Most schools will have some type of lesson around this day. I’m a sucker for a good theme day, so I put together some great Johnny Appleseed Day activities for you that include coloring pages, and even foods and drink!

Who is Johnny Appleseed and why does he have a “day”?

Johnny Appleseed is actually a folk hero name for John Chapman. John Chapman established orchards throughout the Midwest in the America. The legend of Johnny Appleseed is that he planted seeds at random. However, John Chapman had a method to his madness.

Originally, Chapman’s orchard apples were meant to produce hard cider and applejack. Since this is the case, the folk tale was changed to be more kid-friendly.

Johnny Appleseed Day Activities – Kids’ Crafts

johnny appleseed day activities, apple glasses
Teachers Pay Teachers

Put on your apple specs and get ready for a fun-filled day of Johnny Appleseed activities. These apple glasses are a great way to start. This template is available for $2.00 on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Do your kids know all the parts of an apple? Here is an easy and quick activity. I would even do this with my toddler! My kids would love if they could stick the labels themselves. It looks like some cheap poster board, card stock, and construction paper would do the trick for putting this one together.

Practice counting skills with this thumbprint activity sheet. Make the thumbprints look like apples by adding a stem with a pencil. You can even add leaves.

Did you ever do the vinegar and baking soda volcanoes as a kid? Well, try out this baking soda, vinegar, and apple experiment courtesy of The Resourceful Mama.

apple experiment
The Resourceful Mama

Find a full Pinterest board full of Johnny Appleseed Day activities here.

Johnny Appleseed Day Activities – Food & Drink

If you’re anything like me, a day isn’t exciting without themed food and drinks. Think of anything apple! Here are some ideas for you.

Hollow out apples and sip your cider straight from it. My kids would think this was so cool. And make a giant mess, but still, COOL! Get all the details from How Does She.

Who doesn’t love caramel apples?! These will make great Johnny Appleseed Day snacks! Make sure you get all of the different toppings. Every one likes different things, or you can add them all to one apple.

Find a full Pinterest board full of Johnny Appleseed Day food and drink ideas here.

Coloring Pages

Your kids might be in school for the day, but if you want to do some coloring of your own, or have after-school fun, check out some of the coloring pages from Best Coloring Pages for Kids.

Johnny Apple Tree Lovey Crochet Pattern

If your kids are begging you for an apple tree after all of those activities, there’s a way to make one without having to plant one! Use your crochet skills to whip up your very own Johnny Apple Tree Lovey. If you’re not up for making your own, you can buy one here.

johnny apple tree lovey crochet pattern

Ready to learn the basics of crochet so you can make one of these?

Happy Johnny Appleseed Day! If you make a Johnny Apple Tree Lovey, I’d love to see the end result! Come share in my crafting group, The Crafty Cabin.

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